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Tooth extractions can be intimidating at any age; that’s why the Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry team has an especially gentle approach for their young patients. If your child needs an extraction to remove a badly damaged tooth, prepare for braces, or for some other reason, experienced dental specialists in Oklahoma City and Midwest City, Oklahoma, have it covered. Special needs adults are also welcome. Call the location nearest you now.

Extractions Q & A

When does my child need tooth extractions?

There are several possible reasons for tooth extractions in children, including:

  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Severe trauma-related damage
  • Primary tooth that doesn’t fall out naturally
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment

Although your child's Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry providers avoid tooth extractions whenever possible, there are times that extractions are necessary to maintain oral health.

How does tooth extraction work in children?

The Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry team ensures your child's comfort during tooth extraction using local anesthesia and mild sedation (nitrous oxide) if needed. Nitrous oxide keeps your child relaxed — perhaps a little bit drowsy — but they'll remain awake and able to respond to their dentist throughout the extraction process. 

Your child's pediatric dentist removes their damaged or decayed tooth using forceps. Usually, pediatric extractions are simple and don't require any gum tissue removal. 

If needed, your child's dentist might place a couple of stitches. After the extraction, it's normal to experience some bleeding. Your child typically leaves Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry with light gauze packing to absorb blood, and you can change the gauze according to the instructions from your child's dentist.

How do I care for my child's tooth socket after extraction?

Your child's dentist gives you specific instructions, which generally include a salt-water rinse starting the day after the extraction. The saltwater rinse can help with the pain. It's also usually okay to give children's Tylenol® for pain relief. For a few days, your child may need to eat soft or semi-soft foods only.

Watch your child closely to make sure they don’t touch the tooth socket. In most cases, recovery from tooth extraction is a smooth process. But, if your child develops a fever or experiences other problems like new bleeding or severe pain, get in touch with the Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry team for help right away.

Does my child need a tooth replacement after extraction?

It depends on the situation. If your child loses a primary tooth long before they should, they could experience problems like tooth shifting and delayed adult tooth eruption. In that case, your child’s dentist may recommend a space maintainer to keep space open for their adult tooth. Space maintainers can, but don’t always, include a prosthetic tooth.

If you think your child might need an extraction, call Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry to book an appointment now.