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Preventive Care Specialist

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As a parent, you work hard to keep your child healthy and happy. Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry joins you in that mission with preventive care. With this personalized care for your child at their office in Oklahoma City or Midwest City, Oklahoma, the dental team helps protect your son or daughter against cavities and other oral health problems. To get started with preventive care, call either office today.

Preventive Care Q & A

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is an approach Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry takes to help patients defend the health and beauty of their smiles. By actively working with you and your child to keep their mouth healthy, the dedicated dental team minimizes the time your son or daughter has to spend in the dentist’s chair — and your family’s dental expenses. 

Preventive care is a team effort. With this care model, Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry will want to see your child every six months for:

  • A thorough teeth cleaning
  • A comprehensive oral exam
  • X-rays when needed

The regular cleaning removes plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth, minimizing the risk for cavities. And the oral exam and X-rays ensure that if any dental issues do arise, they’re caught early when treatment is easiest and least invasive. 

What’s more, your Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry provider offers treatments like sealants and oral appliances designed to prevent issues with your child’s smile. For example, they can fit your child with a space maintainer to ensure their adult teeth can grow in properly if your child loses a baby tooth too early.  

In addition to the in-office preventive care, you can continue taking a preventive approach at home by ensuring your child brushes and flosses regularly. 

Why is preventive care important?

Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry knows that kids are still shaping their perceptions of the dentist. The way they feel about dental appointments during childhood has a high likelihood of affecting how they feel about dental care in adulthood. 

Their goal in offering preventive care is to minimize the need for uncomfortable dental treatments and protect a positive view of dental care. This way, your child is set up for a lifetime of healthy oral habits rather than the all-too-common dental avoidance that plagues so many adults. 

When should my child start with preventive care?

The dedicated staff at Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry offers this care approach to their patients of all ages. Although preventive care may seem less important when caring for baby teeth, which will be replaced with permanent adult teeth, it’s still important to start your child with healthy, proactive oral hygiene habits. 

Protect your child’s smile. Call either office to schedule your visit.