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You want your child to have the healthiest smile possible. And that means keeping their teeth in their proper positions. That’s why Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry offers space maintainers at their offices in Oklahoma City and Midwest City, Oklahoma. Protect your child’s smile with these appliances by calling the office today.

Space Maintainers Q & A

What are space maintainers?

Space maintainers are dental appliances that Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry offers to help kids keep their smiles healthy, well-spaced, and beautiful. Pediatric dentistry presents a unique challenge. While most baby teeth are pushed out only when the adult teeth underneath them are ready to move into place, some kids lose their baby teeth for other reasons. In some cases, the tooth falls out too early. In others, the tooth has to be extracted because of dental decay. 

Either way, the loss of a tooth creates a space in your child’s mouth. And if that space isn’t held, their other teeth can shift out of position to fill the gap. Obviously, this creates serious problems when the adult tooth tries to push into the now crowded space. 

Space maintainers give Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry a way to hold the gap in your child’s smile open, protecting the space so the adult tooth can come through without any issues. 

How do space maintainers work?

Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry offers two types of space maintainers: fixed and removable. 

Fixed space maintainers

There are different types of fixed maintainers that allow the Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry team to hold space for any tooth, whether that’s the first molar, a front tooth, or multiple missing teeth in a row. These maintainers are usually made out of metal and Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry customizes them so they fit as comfortably as possible in your child’s mouth. 

Removable space maintainers

These space maintainers are usually made out of acrylic material. While their removable nature makes cleaning your child’s teeth and gums easier, it can also be less convenient because you and your child will need to periodically adjust it. 

How does my child care for their space maintainer?

If your child gets a space maintainer, especially a fixed space maintainer, proper oral care is paramount. Make sure your child thoroughly brushes the area and flosses appropriately. Your Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry practitioner talks with you and your child about how to keep the area clean and healthy. It’s also important to come to Smiling Faces Pediatric Dentistry every six months for a professional teeth cleaning. 

If your child is missing a baby tooth before the adult tooth is ready to come in, call the office to see if a space maintainer is right for your son or daughter.