Should I Get Sealants For My Adult Teeth

Are you struggling with cold sensitivity when drinking iced beverages? Find out if sealants in Midwest City, OK are the right choice for your dental care. Here at Smiling Faces Dentistry, also serving Oklahoma City patients, we have sealants for all ages of patients. Determine if dental sealants are a good idea before you book an appointment with your dentist.

What Are Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a form of artificial coating similar to enamel that is super hard and durable enough to last for up to a decade. This coating is brushed onto the teeth by a dentist and allowed to dry fully for optimal results. The use of a sealant is desirable for patients who have cavities and decaying teeth, as well as loss of enamel. We use sealants for a variety of reasons and to help patients reduce the loss of teeth.

How Do Sealants Feel

When a patient gets a tooth sealant, there are no sensitivity issues or concerns about taste or feeling. In addition, the individual does not need anesthesia or numbing to receive sealant. The process is fairly easy and done within a single office visit, such as when a dentist has finished a cleaning and exam. Once a sealant is dried, the patient will notice a slight slickness to the tooth that has been sealed. This is similar to a waxen feeling and will last as long as the sealant covers the tooth.

Request Sealants in Midwest City, OK Today

Get sealants for your teeth at our Midwest City location by calling 405-733-2525, or our Oklahoma City branch at 405-947-1525 today. We provide tooth sealant services for children, teens, and adults who need to protect their teeth. Fluoride treatments are another similar service that is available at our dental office.

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